Yellowstone’s Wolves Prove Beneficial to Bear Population

Linking to a new study at Oregon State which tends to reinforce the ecological importance of wolves to the Yellowstone ecosystem and elsewhere.  With the wolves helping to rgrizzlyeduce the large population of elk in the park, who over the years overgrazed plants, trees and shrubs, many of the berry producing shrubs have returned.  These berries are important for the grizzly bear’s pre-hibernation diet. Continue reading

Nature – worth conserving.

A masterful and moving video by Scott McKinley Productions, produced for a great organization, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, committed to  conservation and making a huge difference.  This video won Grand Prize – Best of Show at International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula Montana this year.  The video was shot on location in Yellowstone National Park, Grand TetoimagesCA7XJAKNn National Park and The National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   Well worth the few minutes to enjoy – you can’t help but revel in the raw beauty of the scenery and wildlife.  Brings back memories of my amazing summer in Yellowstone.   (Thanks to my mom for bringing this video to my attention)

Why Conservatives Should and do Care About the Environment

What can be more conservative than the impulse to protect and conserve earth’s natural resources, air, water, and land, which give and sustain life.  Just as political conservatism is deeply rooted in the philosophy of providing stability and continuity in our political and social institutions, environmental conservatism is rooted in the notion of promoting and conserving those earthly tendrils that sustain life on earth.   Continue reading