Whale Wars on Trial

Among my favorite reality shows is Animal Planet’s Whale Wars, starring the curmudgeonly captain, Paul Watson, and his rag-tag volunteers aboard the Sea Shepherd who risk their lives in the Antarctic’s icy waters trying to stop commercial whaling by the Japanese.

This week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an oimagesCANVL7UEpinion, reversing a lower court’s decision and issuing a preliminary injunction against the Sea Shepherd’s attempts to interfere with Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research (“Cetacean”) whaling vessels on the high seas.  Watson and his team are now deemed dangerous pirates.  Continue reading

Humans – are we but a mere earthly plague?

Sir David Attenborough has certainly stirred the pot with his recent name calling. Are humans but a mere “plague on the Earth” only to be controlled through authoritarian rule and human population control?  He’s been resoundingly criticized by some conservatives, such as Wesley J. Smith, who calls Attenborough’s views anti-human radicalism and emblematic of the deep misanthropy movement often associated with modern environmentalism.  According to Smith, “deep misanthropy has helped renew the Malthusian drive to radically depopulate the planet of people as a remedy for environmental ills and human deprivation.”   Smith goes on to conclude that the ongoing convergence of radical Malthusianism with a “renewed advocacy for wealth distribution” is very dangerous with genocidal overtones. Continue reading