God’s Transforming Power

It may strike some as pollyannish, but I truly believe that with God’s help one person can change the world.  While we have many big hairy environmental problems yet to tackle, FileItem-79699-wtw_docthese pale in comparison to the enormous problem of inadequate water and sanitary services for the world’s poor and children.  One of my favorites, Doc Hendley, Founder of Wine to Water and life-saving humanitarian extraordinaire, continues on his journey to provide water to 1.1 billion people, one child, one woman, one man, one community, one well at a time.  And he is indeed changing the world.  While a former CNN Hero, he’s a hero to the many millions for whom he’s risked his life to provide life saving water. Continue reading

Keystone Protesters – the New Town Criers?

I experienced one of those out-of-body moments this week, finding myself in agreement with WaPo’s editorial staff on environmental matters.  It’s such a rare, earth-moving event that, when it happens, I figure it’s worth taking stock to understand the intersection of liberal-conservative agreement.  In response to the outcry by imagesCAYDF8NCenvironmentalists to the State Department’s issuance of the draft supplemental EIS for the Keystone XL oil pipeline here, the WaPo Editors argue that environmentalists are picking the wrong fight with POTUS in waging their eco-War against the Keystone pipeline.  Continue reading

Why legalize weed – just drink the water?!

A recent WSJ article highlights an increasingly important issue with which society is slowly grappling, drugs in our water.  The story talks about the mellowing effect of anti-anseaweedxiety drugs turning our rivers into a modern-day Woodstock for pisces, an undersea counter-culture seeking escape from the pressures of a world filled with big scary predators.  Come to find out, however, some fish are so mellow, they apparently aren’t too concerned about getting eaten.  Big problem if you’re not a predator. Continue reading