A New Movement of Sorts – Reusable Toilet Paper

I thought I was among the vanguard of sustainability when I installed a couple of those water saving two-button toilets in our household – you know, the ones with the small and big button for small and big jobs.  But I can’t, and probably won’t, top this new trend, reusable toilet paper.  Can you imagine attending a nice dinner party at your friend’s house and, when that biological urge arises, discretely making your way to the powder room, and then all of a sudden the shear horror and dilemma of what to do.  Well apparently this is not all that far-fetched, and happened to Whitney (we’ve withheld her last name to protect the immortaly embarrased).   

I was at my friend’s apartment the other day and was kind of shocked when I went to use her bathroom.  No toilet paper, just a stack of multicolored cloths in a basket that I’m guessing I was supposed to use to wipe myself. (I decided to hold it until I got back to my place.)  I’m so grossed out.  Are people really doing this?  Isn’t it unsanitary?  I was too embarrassed to ask her…

Good grief – what will these people think of next.  Jennifer Grayson has more on this novel escatological movement over at the Huffington PostButt, as she points out, there are far more effective and sanitary ways of reducing your carbon footprint.  Call me what you will, conservative, wasteful, or perhaps even suffering modesty, but I will probably stick to the old fashion way of finishing one’s business.

reusable tp

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