God’s Transforming Power

It may strike some as pollyannish, but I truly believe that with God’s help one person can change the world.  While we have many big hairy environmental problems yet to tackle, FileItem-79699-wtw_docthese pale in comparison to the enormous problem of inadequate water and sanitary services for the world’s poor and children.  One of my favorites, Doc Hendley, Founder of Wine to Water and life-saving humanitarian extraordinaire, continues on his journey to provide water to 1.1 billion people, one child, one woman, one man, one community, one well at a time.  And he is indeed changing the world.  While a former CNN Hero, he’s a hero to the many millions for whom he’s risked his life to provide life saving water.

With the arrival of Pope Francis, whose life mission has been to help the poor, I just have a hunch that Doc and the Pope may soon join forces to break bread together and turn a lot more wine into water.  For those of you who don’t know Doc or about his journey, please consider supporting this immensely important cause.  And thanks, again, to all my awesome friends and colleagues who helped raise over $10,000 for Doc’s efforts last Fall here in DC.

Our prayers are offered up to Pope Francis and Doc Hendley on their respective journeys that God may give them the strength, safety, and wisdom to change the world one heart, one soul, one person at a time.


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