Mother Nature’s Resilience

Encouraging news out of Chernobyl 26 years after one of the worst nuclear power plant meltdowns.  Wildlife have moved back into the 1,100 square mile area largely abandoned since the accident.  Life after Chernobyl: Sergei Gaschak’s photography from inside ‘the zone’ch1.  Images from hidden camera reveal how wildlife is thriving in zone closed off to humans for 26 years.  Long-term impacts to wildlife in the area, such as deformities, appear relatively scarce.  National Geographic (Returning to Abandoned Land) did a separate story on Chernobyl last year and reached similar conclusions.  Demonstrates the resilience of mother nature – although altogether best not to test nature’s resilience like this with such widespread human suffering and disruption.  Hundreds of thousands of families’ lives were shattered and tens of thousands sickened due to the Soviet Union central authorities’ incompetence, dangerous secrecy and cover-up.


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